Introducing the New Generation of 3D Vision Designed for Outdoor

3D Vision for Outdoor 110,000 LUX Strong Sunlight

The new generation of ALSONTECH AT-S1000-04A 3D vision system is able to operate stably under 110,000lux sunlight ,The new model also comes with a wide temperature design from -20°C to +55°C, which gives it a much better adaptability in a harsh and changeable outdoor environment.
excellent performance under 110,000 lux strong
sunlight,nterconnection of indoor and outdoor processes to improve work efficiency
three-proofing technique
Water proof, salt-spray proof, and mold proof
Stable operation in various outdoor climatic environments.

Wide temperature range
 a wide temperature design from -20°C to +55°C, which gives it a much better adaptability in a harsh and changeable outdoor environment.

Fast imaging and high accuracy
Measurement accuracy ±0.5mm ~ ±1mm
Can handle a variety of challenging object imaging.


Outdoor 110,000 LUX/Anti-strong light/Smallbody/Close range/High accuracy

1. Laser light solutions, resistant to ambient light interference.
2. Applicable to identification & positioning scenarios of dark, black and highly reflective objects.
3. Using hardware that is highly resistant to shock and vibration, stable and reliable.
4. It can be used under strong light, stable performance under out-door sunlight of 110,000 LUX.
5. Applicable to -20℃-55℃ scenarios.

Binocular cameras + laserstructured light solution

AT-S1000-A Series

Highly adaptable to reflective and pure black objects; resistant to ambient light interference; applicable to the positioning, picking, palletizing & depalletizing of any kind of disordered object in any scenario. Used in different industries including casting and forging, machining, automotive, home appliances, welding, polishing, etc.

Dynamic recognition on conveyor

AT-S1000-B Series

Applicable to the sorting and loading of moving objects on the conveyor. Used in industries like E-commerce, express delivery, industrial logistics, 3C, medicine, automobile, and home appliances.

Binocular cameras + grating structured light solution

AT-S1000-C Series

High accuracy up to ±0.05mm; fast imaging Applied for high-accuracy sorting, assembly and loading of disordered objects. Used in 3C, precision parts, aerospace, automotive assembly and other precision processing industries

Light-weight fast positioning solution

AT-S1000-S Series

Suitable for scenarios with arm-mounted installation, free working range, flexible operation and small space. Applied to various unmanned scenes such as unmanned picking and assembly and those requiring flexible operation in a small space.

MINI type, high precision robot 3D vision system


Structured light + dual GigE vision cameras, small size, high accuracy and fast recognition.
The data accuracy is up to 0.05mm, specifically designed for high-accuracy positioning scenarios.

Light and compact
Small and smart
±0.05-0.25mm Accurate and excellent
High precision and fast imaging
Heterodyne multi-frequency phase shift technology
Small body and light weight
Reliable for operation and easy to integrate
IP65 industrial protection
Complete industrial grade low power design
Industrial grade 3D vision sensor
Industrial applications require industrial grade sensors. The AT-S1000-06C-S 3D vision system has a rugged aluminum housing with IP65 certification. Having passed rigorous high and low temperature test, vibration test and transportation bump test, the sensor is ensured to work steadily and reliably in extremely harsh working environments with humidity and dust. Each sensor has been pre-calibrated, and both the sensor and standard version software have undergone performance qualification and testing before leaving the factory.

Vibration 15G   Operation 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃   IP65 rating

Easy deployment & installation

The AT-S1000-06C-S 3D vision system combines structured light technology and dual GigE vision cameras to quickly extract the three-dimensional information of the measured target; aluminum shell, high structural strength, compact design, and a light weight reduce the load requirements of the robot; with a small size and high precision, the sensor can be installed fixedly, on a slide rail or on the robot arm.
The 3D data model of the target object is constructed through our self-developed software, and the 3D sensor supports secondary development. We provides a standard SDK to support users customized development.

Fast and clear 3D point cloud capture
The data accuracy is up to 0.05mm, especially designed for high-accuracy positioning; the data acquisition time is less than 1s, which can meet the fast positioning pace requirement.

High-quality 3D imaging

Applications such as automatic robot picking and placing, industrial manufacturing, and inspection require high-quality and accurate point cloud data. To help you realize your automation solutions successfully, we have designed a 3D vision system combining cameras and structured light technology with features of a small body, high accuracy and fast recognition, which is able to recognize and present the object accurately and clearly for the purpose of detection, inspection, sorting and picking.

AT-S1000-06C-S 3D vision "made for" compound robot

The compound robot (AGV + cobot) is usually equipped with a light-weight robot with strong flexibility and low arm load, which requires that the vision system must have a small size and light weight. The AT-S1000-06C vision system launched by ALSONTECH in 2018 is a perfect match for this scenario, helping the rapid integration and productization of AGV cobot application solutions and truly give "eyes" and "a brain" to robots for the application in the era of artificial intelligence.

· Small size, light weight, and easy to operate · High accuracy and fast imaging · Heterodyne multi-frequency phase shift technology · High industrial protection level, worry-free use

Gluing motion planning
As long as the incoming object is steady, the 3D vision system can recognize it three-dimensionally and plan the gluing motion, guiding the robot to complete the gluing task. The system can identify and plan gluing motion for objects of various types and sizes at the same time, no need to stop production or replace equipment.

Bin picking
Applicable for the accurate pick-and-place of the scattered and stacked workpieces in the containers on an assembly line, and the positioning and grasping of any workpiece at random position and posture. Used in industries such as automotive, foundry and forging, stamping, home appliance manufacturing, machining, welding and grinding, etc.
CNC loading & unloading
Applicable for CNC loading & unloading of disordered, stacked and multiple-variety workpieces. Recommended for processing fields such as mechanical parts, auto parts, and injection parts. Loading & unloading is automatically completed. The positioning tool can be handled manually or by robot.

Automated palletizing & depalletizing

Large FOV for different types of stacks. Applicable for the palletizing & depalletizing of both soft packages and boxes. Used in warehouse systems, manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics and distribution in various industries.

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