Gluing Path Planning Alsontech 3D vision system helps robot to perform glue spraying automatically and efficiently. The solution can be applied to the gluing of shoe soles whether they are stationery or moving on a conveyor belt, and can also be used for automotive window gluing. During the window gluing process in an automobile plant, if with traditional gluing method, workers need to take several shifts to complete the process, which is not only time-consuming, but also causes error easily due to uneven technical skills. In this case, 3D vision guided robot can automatically finish the gluing job and maintain a high accuracy level.

Technology Analysing
High-accuracy machine vision to replace positioning tool.
The glass itself has a certain degree of transparency, and the shape has a variety of curvatures, so conventional 2D vision and blue light scanning cannot accurately position the glass.
❖ There are many types of glass, so the modeling must be fast and convenient. A more flexible technical method is needed to support fast modelling and model switching.

SolutionALSONTECH 3D vision system realizes a high-precision positioning and path planning of the automotive glass
3D vision system for 3D scanning and positioning. Product model with the right field of view and accuracy. The system can add new types of workpieces fast and easily. One system supports different models of glass.

Customer Benefits
1. Completely replace positioning tooling, and help customer to save tooling design costs. 2. A system can meet all specifications and models. 3. Enjoy perfect after-sales service and technical support.