Depalletizing of Washing Machine'Balance Block

In a large household appliances workshop, in the production process of washing machine, it is necessary to install counterweight blocks for the washing machine drum. The inverted drum is stationary along the production line. On one side of the production line, it is stacked counterweight blocks. Workers transport counterweight blocks to the drum by means of electric hoist to complete the process of installing counterweight blocks. Customers want to replace manual labor with robots, which install the counterweight block on the drum directly.
Technology Analysing
The project requires robot replacing works to realize grasping, transporting and assembling.
The position of counterweight block is not fixed and the stacking state is random. There are many types and sizes of counterweight blocks. Single production rhythm requires less than 10 seconds, and the pipeline works in parallel for multiple robots. The assembly line has a fixed rhythm.

Robot sucker is guided by robot 3D positioning system to realize unmanned and automated production
Recommended product model: AT-S1000-01A. 3D scanning and positioning is realized by 3D vision scheme. Select compatible products with corresponding visual field. Optimize the recognition speed and robot path to achieve < 10s production rhythm. The algorithm can provide multiple position coordinates in one scan to ensure the fixed rhythm of the pipeline.
Customer Benefits
1. The system is simple in structure, economical and practical, and can effectively reduce production costs and maintenance costs. 2. The flexible production line can not only satisfy the production of different types of products, but also support users add new models quickly 3. While improving the quality of products, the workers will be liberated from the complicated labor.