Autonomous Fueling Station

Gas stations are open environment, winter and summer are a uncomfortable for staff and users, and any irregular operation of staff may result in waste of resources or even cause safety problems. Customers consider transforming existing gas stations into fully automatic unmanned gas stations. They do not need to get off the train. They only need to complete the order payment operation, while the workstation automatically completes a series of processes such as opening, refueling and closing. In this way, it can also avoid the improper behavior that users may make after getting off the car, and eliminate potential safety hazards.
Technology Analysing
The project requires the car to stop within a specified range, which can accurately identify the position of the fuel tank cover to complete the follow-up process.
The gas station is in an open environment with complex and changeable light. The position of vehicle and unmanned gas station is not fixed and the space position is random. The material of oil filling hole is metal and black plastic, which has complex structure and difficult to locate. The contact between the filling gun and the tank mouth is close, so the problem of high precision positioning should be solved.

Through the 3D positioning system of the robot, the robot can be guided to open the cover and refuel to realize unmanned operation.。
Recommended model: AT-S1000-02C Active light source + filter treatment can enhance the adaptability to the change of environmental brightness. Large FOV, identifiable within the scope of the identified object. High precision laser can eliminate the negative effects of reflective materials. Robot 3D positioning system can meet the accuracy requirements.
Customer Benefits
1. Automatic identification of refueling position, regardless of vehicle type. 2. Provide users a more comfortable experience. 3. Save all kinds of labor costs. 4. Enjoy perfect after-sales service and technical support.