Automated Picking on Conveyor Belt
Alsontech 3D vision system helps an E-commerce giant to realize automatic picking and placing of goods moving on conveyor belt. Robots are required to pick the parcels transmitted from the conveyor belt and place them on AGV to realize the dynamic high-speed sorting of express parcels. 3D vision recognition system acquires the position of the parcel, and send the coordinates to the robot in real time to guide the robot to complete the sorting of express delivery and parcels. In this way, 3D vision system makes warehouse automation and smart logistics a reality.
Technology Analysing
The project requires the robot to quickly complete the picking and sorting of moving parcels on the conveyor.
Packing, envelopes and cartons are stacked. The shape and volume of the package are quite different, so 3D vision is required to recognize and locate many kinds of express packages. Conveyor belt runs at high speed, and express packages are scattered and stacked in disorder, so the automatic sorting system works faster. In peak period, constantly working is necessary.

Positioning is realized by robot 3D vision system, and the robot is guided to quickly complete package sorting.
Recommended Model AT-S1000-02B. Strong stability, ensure the normal operation of freight in peak period. AI intelligent analysis, to solve the identification and positioning of various forms and sizes of express packages. In parallel mode, a visual system guides multiple robots to achieve fast grasping. Three-dimensional scanning is realized through 3D vision scheme to solve the problem of identification and location of scattered and disorderly stacked packages.
Customer Benefits
1. Realize intellectualization, automation and digitalization, and optimize the production process. 2. Improve work efficiency, greatly reduce work time, good safety. 3. Saving labor costs and safety costs. 4. Enjoy perfect after-sales service and technical support.