Solution Introduction
3D Vision-Guided Depalletizing
To improve transportation efficiency, all kinds of raw materials and parts are stacked together for circulation. In traditional production mode, users need lots of porters to depalletize the workpieces to designated warehouses, workstations or sorting conveyor belts. It's imperative to replace the tired and repetitive manual work with robots.
The 3D vision system can guide robots to complete the demolition of various materials and stacking types such as cartons, soft bags, sacks, turnover boxes, pallets, etc., which will greatly improves depalletizing efficiency.
Solution Advantages
Self-developed and Industrial Quality
The self-developed 3D vision system with industrial-grade quality and sound performance is adaptable to various production environments. We can provide a turnkey vision solution that integrated software and hardware.
Intelligent Recognition
Adopting point cloud processing and AI technology, support the identification of various materials such as soft bags, cartons, sacks, and turnover boxes, and is not affected by reflective packaging material. The in-position deviation of the stacks and materials can be corrected intelligently.
Large-scale FOV
Alsontech 3D camera has a wide FOV to cover normal trays, pallets and racks. The camera can be installed horizontally or vertically to cover multiple stacks or high stacks. The system can acquire multiple coordinates just through one scan, which improves the depalletizing speed efficiently.
System Compatibility
The vision system supports mainstream robot and PLC brands through various communication methods such as TCP, UDP, MODBUSTCP and PROFINET.
Customer Benefits
Guiding the robot to conduct the heavy and repetitive work and reduce the labor cost for users.
Adaptable in harsh environments such as high temperature, dust and spark, and cold chain circumstances, and flexible operation both in indoor and outdoor light conditions.
Adopting anti-vibration body design and superior electrical components, the camera's service life can reach 5~8 years without additional maintenance cost.
7*24h continuous operating, maintain process consistency and help users recover their costs quickly.
Applied Industries
Industry Cases