Dynamic sorting of express packages

— A well-known e-commerce company

The user wants to build the largest e-commerce unmanned warehouse in Asia, and realizes high-speed sorting and allocation of express delivery through intelligent warehouse management system, robot, machine vision to deal with daily large-scale order shipments. Alsontech dynamic 3D vision positioning system can meet the speed and accuracy requirements of high-speed sorting on the conveyor belt. The daily volume is more than 200,000 pieces, and the recognition accuracy rate is higher than 99.9%. It’s stability has been verified by multiple online shopping festival.


AT-S1000-02B adopts laser line  imaging technology that features high accuracy, large FOV, and easy maintenance. The camera is steady and intelligent, helping users to realize high-speed dynamic sorting, reduce labor costs and improve order delivery efficiency.


Fast Dynamic Sorting

It can work with conveyor belt moving in the speed of less than 500mm/s. It is compatible with massive SKU, can get the real-time spatial position coordinates of all kinds of package, and guide the robot to grasp them accurately.

Excellent Adaptability

The laser line solution can identify package with various colors, and has good adaptability to interference factors that may cause reflections, such as tapes, soft bag coatings, and courier slips.

System Stability

The 3D vision system can run continuously for 24 hours. It adopts point cloud processing and AI technology to reduce the mis-grabbing rate, and improve storage throughput and distribution capacity.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

The vision system is highly integrated and easy to connect, so users can operate without complex programming. Industrial-grade quality guarantees a product life of 5~8 years, and only need routine maintenance such as appearance cleaning and installation tightening.

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