Depalletizing of counterweights

— A well-known home appliance manufacturer

The counterweight of the washing machine is made of cement, which is very heavy. It takes lots of time and labor to carry and load them manually. According to different production plans, the customer need to load multi-specification of counterweights at the same station.

To upgrade the automate level of the production line, The customer deploys the 3D vision system to guide the robot to complete the handling and depalletizing. It realize the loading of different kinds of counterweights through fast model switching. The production efficiency, the utilization rate of production equipment are improved, and production costs are reduced.


AT-S1000-01C-H adopts grating structured light and binocular imaging technology, which has the characteristics of high precision, high cycle time, fast deployment and convenient maintenance. The product structure is stable, with a high degree of intelligence and strong versatility, without secondary development, helping users realize flexible loading of multi-category workpieces, reducing labor handling costs and tooling customization costs, and improving processing and production efficiency.


Precise positioning guidance

The counterweights are irregular in shape and placed on top of each other. The 3D vision positioning system can judge the orientation of the workpiece through scanning, obtain the spatial coordinates of the positioning hole, and guide the robot to accurately grasp and load the material.

Large FOV

The 3D vision system has a large FOV and can cover the entire stack. The fixed camera can run in parallel with the robot without occupying the overall beat.

Reduced Input Costs

The 3D vision system can replace positioning tooling, quickly identify counterweights of various models and specifications, flexibly switch models according to production needs, and complete the introduction of new products within half an hour, improving the flexibility of the production line and helping users reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

The vision system is highly integrated and easy to connect, so users can operate without complex programming. Industrial-grade quality guarantees a product life of 5~8 years, and only need routine maintenance such as appearance cleaning and installation tightening.

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