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  • Applicable for measuring the geometry of round, circular, threaded and rectangular holes in the surface of workpieces such as length, width, diameter, etc

  • Applicable for measuring the shape and position tolerance such as positional degree, etc           

  • Applicable to recognize and locate variously colored and highly reflective objects

  • Great ambient light applicability, stable performance under 60,000 Lux

  • High speed, <1s per measurement

  • Software algorithm removes lens distortion for accurate data collection  

Calibration distance(mm)100
Working distance(mm)87100112
VDI/VDE accuracy*(mm)0.013@100
Resolution accuracy XY(mm)0.0190.0220.024
Point repeatability Z(σ, μm)123
Typical capture time(s)0.6~1
Dimensions(L×W×H, mm)189x101.5x55
Connector(IPC)RS232 USB3.0
Output result3D dimensions and positional information
Operation temperature()0~50
Storage temperature()-20~70
Operation humidity0%~80%(no condensation)
IP ratingIP65
Power voltage

5m: DC12V 6A~DC15V 5A, 10m: DC15V 5A~DC18V 4A, 20/30m: DC18V 4A

Power consumption(typical, W)12
Power consumption(max, W)36
*Based on VDI/VDE 2634 Part II standard deviation at 3σ.
Catalog AT-S1000-07C-S3_EN.pdf
3D Model AT-S1000-07C-S3.stp
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