ALSONTECH 3D Vision CNC Loading and Unloading Solution

2023-03-01 13:47

Machine tools are widely used in the machining industry, which plays a key role in improving the quality of industrial processing and promoting the development of highend manufacturing. The traditional machine tool operation mode is that each machine tool is operated by an operator to complete the repeated conductions such as handling, setting, and maintenance, and the heavy work is easy to cause operator fatigue and lead to safety accidents. With the increase in human resource costs, it is difficultto recruit suitable machine tool operators.

Therefore, the automatic loading and unloading by robots instead of manual handling can improve the overall processing efficiency, quality stability, safety and convenience. With the diversification of processing product types, poor consistency of parts, high cost of small batch processing and other problems emerged, structured production can no longer meet the requirements for processing flexibility. The introduction of 3D vision has become an inevitable trend. Then, what problems can ALSONTECH help you solve in machine tool loading and unloading applications?

Adapt to diverse workpiece characteristics

There are many types of workpieces with different size,form, material, color and other characteristics.

l   For workpieces with different sizes and forms, if there is no positioning guidance of 3D vision, users need to customize different fixtures, the cost of customization, storage and switching is very high. Using 3D vision can directly position different kinds of workpieces through rapid    scanning, point cloud processing and template switching, etc., reduce the cost of fixtures and improve the flexibility of the production line;

l   For different colors of workpieces, ALSONTECH 3D vision system is fully compatible, especially dark and black workpieces that are difficult    to image;

l   In view of the different surface characteristics caused by different materials, such as reflection, ALSONTECH's excellent binocular laser product line.

ALSONTECH AT-S1000-04A guides the robot to perform engine block CNC loading,

and can handle at least 3kinds of black workpieces

ALSONTECH AT-S1000-01A guides the robot to complete CNC loading of brake discs,

it can handle a variety of dark brake disc castings at the same station

ALSONTECH AT-S1000-01A guides therobot to complete bin picking of highly reflective wheel parts that are difficult to identify

Adapt to diversified incoming methods

The feeding method is different according different workpieces. There are different storage equipment such as frames, trays, cavities, pallets and other workpiece; different placement methods such as relatively orderly, disorderly; different transportation methods such as conveyor belts, AGVs or forklifts and other workpiece. So it is very difficult for robots to complete loading and unloading by fixed teaching points.

l Through the scanning and positioning of 3D vision, the robot can adapt to various incoming materials, reduce the high cost of customizing the storage equipment, installing the ground limit device, and customizing specific fixtures, reducethe difficulty of material adjustment, and   improve the flexibility of the production line;

l For large stacks, the 3D vision camera with a large fieldof view can rapidly feedback of multiple grabbing coordinates of the workpiece on the same layer;

l For disordered incoming material, pre-production evaluation and in-production guidance are carried out through special simulation environment and algorithm, and various strategies such as obstacle avoidance and robot motion planning are realized to reduce the residual material rate and meet the unit capacity requirements.

ALSONTECH AT-S1000 04A guides the robot to complete the CNC unloading of engine blocks, Identify workpieces and black unloading trays to complete accurate gripping and placement of workpieces transported by conveyor belt.

ALSONTECH AT-S1000-06C-S guides the robot to complete the loading of castings,

positioning and loading the stacked black castings rapidly.

ALSONTECH AT-S1000-06C-S guides therobot to polish and load the notebook panel, 3D vision can correct the

deviation of AMR effectively, and realize the flexible operation of the composite robot

To meet the requirements of high-precision positioning

Each production site has its own unique workpiece characteristics and incoming methods, excellent 3D camera hardware quality and algorithms can ensure that the accuracy, beat, process execution meet the technical requirements, to achieve the accuracy of loading and unloading, toen sure the safety of loading and unloading.

ALSONTECH's mainstream products have mature "3D binocular structured light imaging technology", with the optimal baseline design, built-in high-quality optical components, to ensure the comprehensive positioning accuracy of the product within millimeters and less, reduce the impact of temperature and environmental changes on accuracy and imaging quality.

Various typical workpiece point cloud effects

The test environment is common production site lighting conditions: 3000Lux~20000Lux

Extensive project experience

ALSONTECH has accumulated lots of machine tool loading and unloading application experience, and has formed a standard delivery solution for common workpieces such as engine cylinder block andgearbox housing, and can quickly realize the function after simple debugging and training, helping integrator partners deliver smoothly and ensuring that users are smoothly put into production.