Event Review | ALSONTECH attended CIMT 2023 in Beijing

2023-04-15 18:35

From April 10-15, the 18th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT 2023) was held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. As one of the four largest machine tool exhibitions in the world, the six-day exhibition gathered global strength manufacturers in machine tool industry, showing advanced machine tool technology and innovative applications of machine processing automation.


As the eyes and brain of robots, 3D vision plays more and more important role in robot guidance for loading and unloading, grinding, and welding of machine tool processing. As a leading 3D vision solution provider, ALSONTECH exhibited bin picking scenarios of reflective workpiece and 3D vision products selected for machine tool users, gaining great attention from industry visitors.


ALSONTECH exhibited a variety of products which are most suitable for users in the machine tool industry, dedicated to helping users go further on the basis of automation, realize intelligent robot guidance, and flexible production. We will focus on industry applications through high quality 3D vision hardware and software to help users to:

  • Adapt to diverse incoming methods;

  • Adapt to diverse workpiece characteristics;

  • Meet the accuracy requirements of robot gripping;

  • Realize high processing speed through optimized algorithms and flexible mounting methods;

  • Reduce expensive custom fixture inputs and reducing workstation construction costs;

  • Adapt to the production of multi-size and multi-category workpieces on the same line and same station, improve the utilization rate of the robot, and achieve   flexible production.


The bin picking soulution displaied on the exhibition used typical reflective workpieces. ALSONTECH AT-S1000-04A laser line 3D camera can easily obtain complete and high-quality point cloud data under complex lighting conditions in the exhibition hall to realize accurate robot grasping guidance, fully proved the adaptability of ALSONTECH's laser line series products to workpieces with complex surface characteristics. The algorithm can recognize randomly placed workpieces accurately, and reasonable grasping strategies can avoid collision effectively, achieving high recognition and bin clearing rates.